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What is alkaline water Ionizer and its key features & specifications

What is alkaline water Ionizer and its key features & specifications

  • 2020/10/29
What is Alkaline Water Ionizer?

The Alkaline Water Ionizer can be identified as a three part stages evolutionary unit that integrates itself into a one unit solution.

[STAGE ONE]: Water filtration system that filters particles the size of 0.05 microns or more. During this stage of evolution, the water is still in a state of acidity. During this process the filter will remove contaminants, but will not restore the water into its original state. The water at this point is still densely clustered with as much as 80 clusters per drop.

[STAGE TWO]: The 8 solid metal plates will defibrillate the water forcing the separation of alkaline water from its acidic counterpart and begin the evolution of reviving the water by bonding negative hydrogen ions at the molecular level with H2o molecules. During this stage of its evolutionary journey, the defibrillation process will first begin the process of breaking down the micro clustering of water molecules from 80 to as low as 2 - 6 micro clusters making the water extremely hydrating and easily bondable with the human body on a micro-cellular level.

[STAGE THREE]: In this, its final evolution, THE WATER REPLICATION system will restore the now living water to its original state that is either preindustrial age or where it is found to this day atop the Himalayan mountains. At this final stage of evolution, the water will contain antioxidant properties and carry potassium. On a molecular level the water will be restructured to perfect hexagonal shapes making each drop 97.8% more absorbent than tap or bottled water.

Key Features of Alkaline Water Ionizer:

1. With Automotive paint technology, an imported acrylic touch panel, and a modern/elegant yet simple-type appearance this Ionizers is Top of the line!
2. Using an Advanced touch control panel technology for controlling.
3. Includes a Super large 3.8-inch LCD colorful screen, the LCD Displays ORP, pH, flow rate, temperature and process of the water.
4. The Microcomputer automatic control system for the electrolysis makes the water TDS from 50 to 1500PPM.
5. This Ionizer has 8 Super- large titanium – platinum coated plates (Total surface area is more than 1,600 cm2), which increases usage life. System also has self-cleaning function.
6. The pH levels are from 2.5 to 11.2 and ORP level from 550mv to -850mv. 7. There is mineral port at the top of the system to add minerals as needed.
8. Uses high-power SMPS power supply; the voltage is from 110V to 240V universal and is very safe and reliable. The system also has a built-in overheating radiator and continuous work function.
9. Includes Changeable power cord for different power plug from different country.
10. Has Built-in dual filters 4 stages (PP cotton, KDF, Active carbon, fiber carbon), to bid farewell to an external filter system, installing the water ionizer is simple and convenient! Using electromagnetic valve induction technology, filter life expires, automatically cutting off the water.
11. The Built-in heating system: hot water temperature is from 35ºC/95 ºF to58 ºC/136.4 ºF. Ensures the feature of hot alkaline water without damaging your ionizer.

Key Features of Alkaline Water Ionizer:

Power supply (SMPS):

AC220V, 50Hz or 110v, 60HZ

Electrolyzing power:

210 ~ 80W

Standby power:


Heating power:

2000W ± 10%

Input water pressure:

0.1 ~ 0.3MPa

Working water TDS range:

50 ~ 1200

Working flow rate range:

1.0 ~ 4.0L/min

Plates material:

Titanium with platinum coating

Plate size:


Numbers of plate:


Continuous strong electrolyzing ability:

30 mins

Total handling water capacity:

10,000 L

pH value:

2.5 to 11.2

ORP value:

+500 to -800MV

The highest water temperature for continuous working:

58 ºC /136.4 ºF




Height 380mm * width 280 mm * depth 175

Alkaline Water Ionizer

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