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The User Manual Of Alkaline Water Lonizer

The User Manual Of Alkaline Water Lonizer

  • 2020/10/29
Thank you for purchasing our Alkaline Water Ionizer.

About This User Manual
This product is intended for domestic use only. Please read all safety warnings and this User’s Manual carefully before using this product to ensure proper product usage. (Keep the manual handy for easy reference.)

• We are not responsible for any accidents and/or malfunctions due to the improper use of this machine unless customer has the extended warranty coverage.
• Please keep the manual and warranty card (enclosed) in a safe place, so that it’s easily accessible when you need it.
• Please refer to this manual often when you have questions during the use or when troubleshooting this unit.

Intended Use
This device creates antioxidating alkaline, ionized water. It changes the properties of regular tap water through the use of electrolysis. Following are the changes normal tap water undergoes via this process:

• An increase or decrease in pH level
• Creation of negatively charged hydrogen ions (anti-oxidants)
• Smaller water molecule clusters for better absorption
• An increase in oxygen
• Purification through filtration

Precautions Before Use
Safety precautions are provided for the safe and proper use of this unit and can prevent danger, bodily harm and/or possible damage due to misuse. Please make sure you are familiar with all the safety precautions and warnings associated with this unit.

Safety Precautions and Warnings



Do not use if the power cord is damaged or in a loose power outlet.

Do not pull the power cord. Never touch power cord or power outlet with wet hands.

Do not use power surge protectors with this unit. Use unit with its own dedicated power source.

Do not forcibly bend, squeeze, damage or crush the power cord under heavy objects.

Unplug the power cord during general maintenance, repair, inspection and while replacing parts.

Only use the unit with the correct voltage.

To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove cover; no user-serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. Removing the cover will void the warranty.

Do not spray water on the main unit.

Do not clean with a damp cloth, benzene or other chemicals, which may leak into the unit.

Do not place this unit near heat sources.

Do not connect water line to a hot water supply.

Do not use unfit raw water in accordance to the standards of the water service act.

Do not use in areas of high humidity and/or high temperature.

Do not place this unit on an uneven surface. Do not drop or use excessive force on this unit.

Place this product near a sink and always allow water to drain into the sink.

Place acidic water outlet hose within the height of the unit. Make sure the end of the hose is placed less than 8 inches (20

cm) from the bottom of the unit.

When moving the unit, please be sure not to drag by the power cord as this could cause electric shock.

Please be sure to keep the power cord dust free

Do not place ANY objects on top of this unit regardless of how small

Carefully remove this unit from packaging.

Keep original packaging for future storage and unit transportation.

In case water leaks out of the unit (other than hoses) or unit is standing in a puddle of water, shut off the water supply, unplug the power cord and refer servicing to qualified service personnel.

In case of strange noises, burning odor or smoke, unplug the power cord immediately and refer servicing to qualified service personnel.

Replace filters every 6 months to optimize the purification performance of this unit even if the replacement indicator light isn’t turned on.

In the case where the unit isn’t used over a long period of time, shut off the valve and unplug the power cord.

Do not poke or scratch the touch pad or LCD display with sharp objects.

If the unit is not used for a few days, let the water run for 1-2 minutes before drinking functional water.

Do not use alkaline or acidic water in fish bowls or aquariums. The sudden change in pH could be harmful or fatal to some marine life.

It is beneficial for the maintenance of the machine to run a strong acidic level for a period of 5-minute cycles twice weekly.

This will help to maintain a clean chamber. It is normal for condensation to be present on the unit during humid summer months. If condensation persists despite weather conditions, unplug the power cord and refer servicing to qualified service personnel. Remove the filters and turn them upside down to remove excess water before storing.

Store unit in its original packaging in a cool, dry place when not in use.

In case the original packaging is not available, cover the unit in plastic to avoid scratching the surface.

Do not store unit near chemicals, food, metals or medication.

In the event that water gets into the power supply, unplug the power cord and completely dry power outlet.

Do not reconnect or splice a defective power cord as it could result in electric shock or become a fire hazard.

Do not plug and unplug power cord repeatedly.

These safety precautions and warnings are provided at YOUR benefit to your health and home. We are not responsible for any damage or injury caused by not adhering to these precautions and warnings.

Controlling Panel Overview
How to operate:
Alkaline Water Lonizer

When the tap is turned on, water enters the ionizer. The indicator light will light up and three “beeps” will be heard. The machine will light up and you may select different levels of 1, 2, and 3 for different pH values. When the light turns violet, it indicates strong alkaline condition while blue indicates normal alkaline.

When the pure water button is pressed, water will enter the ionizer and three “beeps” will be heard. There will be no ionizing of the water (background light turns green) light turns off Approx. 1 minute after water supply is turned off. The ionizer automatically switches to alkaline mode.
When the acidic switch is pressed, water will enter the ionizer and a continuous beep will be heard (background light turns red). The acidic light will light up and you may select a different level of pH. Light turns off 1 minute after water supply is turned off and the ionizer automatically switches to alkaline mode. (A beeping sound will be heard when the ionizer is in acidic mode to remind you not to drink the water).

Screen Display Explanation:
Alkaline Water Lonizer

Different pH Levels explanation:
Acidity level 2: STRONG ACIDIC WATER Add saline solution to the unit to produce stronger acidic water. 1.8 – 4 DO NOT DRINK

Acidity level 1: MILD ACIDIC WATER (BEAUTY WATER) This level will produce a pH of about 4.5 – 6.5 DO NOT DRINK

Purified Water: PURIFIED WATER Produces water to take with medication or to give to young children

Alkaline level 1: Produces around -380 to -500 ORP and a pH range between 8.0 and 9.0.

Alkaline level 2: Produces around -550 to -700 ORP and a pH range between 9.0 – 10.5

Alkaline level 3: STRONG ALKALINE WATER Produces around -700 to -895 ORP and a pH range between 11 – 13.2 DO NOT DRINK

All ranges are based on quality of the water source, whether or not you have a pre-filtration system and the strength of the flow rate when turning on the faucet.

In addition to these selections is the CLEANING feature. In addition to the auto-cleaning feature, this functionality will allow the user to clean the unit manually in cases where the user notices the pH or the ORP levels are not up to par to previous levels, prevent cross contamination or when changing water levels. If the user does not select this level, the unit will automatically self initiate cleaning when 60L of water has been used and then again when 90L of water has been used.

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