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  • Clean on the Go: Portable Disinfectant Sprayer
    • Nov 10,2023

    In today's fast-paced life, carrying a portable homemade disinfectant water sprayer has become an important tool for us to maintain personal hygiene. A homemade portable disinfectant sprayer is an ideal tool to keep clean during emergencies. Its lightweight design allows you to carry it with you at any time, whether in the office, traveling or on public transportation, and can be easily disinfecte...

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  • Benefits of Alkaline Water Ionizers
    • Jun 29,2023

    Maintaining good health and drinking quality water are vital in our daily lives. As an advanced water treatment equipment, Alkaline Water Ionizer is gradually attracting people's attention and recognition. What are the benefits of an alkaline water ionizer? 1. Regulate the body's acid-base balance Drinking ionized alkaline water helps to regulate the body's acid-base balance. Modern diets and life...

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  • Alkaline Water Ionizer: Revitalize Your Health and Hydration
    • May 19,2023

    In pursuit of optimal health and wellness, many people are turning to innovative solutions to enhance their daily hydration routines. Alkaline water ionizers have gained popularity, promising a range of health benefits and improved hydration. An alkaline water ionizer is a device that converts ordinary tap water into alkaline water through a process called electrolysis. This process involves separ...

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  • Precautions for purchasing water ionizer
    • Mar 03,2021

    The water electrolysis machine, as its name implies, is a device that electrolyzes water and separates it into alkaline water and acidic water. Electrolyzed alkaline water can remove "poisonous rust" in our body and eliminate free radicals that cause our aging and various diseases. If the water purifier is to make "healthy water", then it may be said that the water ionizer is to make "healthy wate...

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  • How does alkaline water filter affect metabolism?
    • Feb 23,2021

    Determined to control weight? Did you know that drinking water can help you much easier? Drinking water positively affects our metabolism and makes it easier for you to achieve your weight goals. You must have a lot of questions to ask: What is metabolism? Does water affect metabolism? Does drinking water in the morning help my metabolism? What kind of water can I drink to boost my metabolism? How...

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  • Can Alkaline Ionized Water Machine Be Helpful?
    • Feb 01,2021

    You probably have heard about the benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water. And sure they are many. What you may not have heard is how water ionizers can be of help. To begin with, it is important for us to understand what ionized alkaline water is. Alkaline ionized water machine is liquid that has undergone a process known as ionization. In this process, it is passed through a ionizer machine ...

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  • The difference between ionized water machine and water purifier
    • Jan 29,2021

    Different functions 1. Water purifier function: water treatment equipment for deep filtration and purification of water according to the requirements of water use. 2. Ionized water machine function: According to the principle of "electrochemistry" and "electrolysis", titanium platinum (platinum) material or other alloy materials are used as the electrode plate of the electrolytic cell, which has t...

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  • You can deserve an Alkaline Water Ionizer to get better healthy Water
    • Jan 21,2021

    Studies have shown that alkaline water is one of the best drinking water, even better than expensive bottled water. If you want to get the best quality drinking water, it is recommended to consider installing an Alkaline Water Ionizer in your home or workplace. So what can an Alkaline Water Ionizer do? This type of Alkaline Water Ionizer, basically produces a chemical change in the water. Simply p...

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  • Choosing An Ideal Alkaline Water Machine According To Your Needs
    • Jan 11,2021

    Drinking water safety is the top priority in daily life, and it is also about people's health in life. If you want to get better or the highest quality drinking water, you should consider using the alkaline water machine as part of the water treatment system at home or in the workplace. Studies have shown that alkaline water is one of the best drinking water, even better than expensive bottled wat...

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  • What is the most important thing to buy a water ionizer generator?
    • Jan 04,2021

    If you want to buy a water ionizer generator before you need to know what is most important. The sink of the water ionizer generator is the most important aspect. Water ion panels and water batteries In a water battery, you have a board to do ion ionation. These cards vary by brand. Some of these plates may be good plates, but over time they may corrode or scale or both. Therefore, you should...

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