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Troubleshooting About Alkaline Water Machine

Troubleshooting About Alkaline Water Machine

  • 2020/12/21

Issue 1: The power supply light is not on or LCD screen does not display.

Solution: please check electricity power supply is connected properly and re-plug in the cord.

Issue 2: The alkaline water machine keeps beeping (alarming).

(Note: the symbols on the LCD display while the machine beeping)

Solution: there will be a "H1" displayed on the LCD, which means the tap water’s temperature is too high, please turn off the tap water and do not let HOT water enter the machine.

Issue 3: Touch control panel does not function or respond (but the machine can still work normally).

Solution: Please unplug the power cord and wait a minute, then plug in the power cord. After the power is re-applied, the unit should return to normal operation.  Note: do not locate the ionizer near electromagnetic radiation appliances, ie microwave ovens.

Issue 4: Background light on LCD is not on and the LCD is dark.

Solution: the tap water pressure is LOW, please increase the water pressure and check if the filter blocked or not.  Replace filters as needed.

Issue 5:  Acidic / alkaline water or purified water does not come out.

Solution: Please replace the water filters if needed. If water pressure is too LOW, please increase water pressure. If “cleaning indicator” light is “ON”, please initiate cleaning cycle.

Issue 6:   There is some white sediment in the alkaline water.

Solution:  The alkaline water after the production is usually whitish color, this is normal and the water is OK to drink.

Issue 7: A white film appears on the inner wall of the alkaline water container.

Solution: This is a crystallization of calcium carbonate by gas in the air after the reaction of (solid components of calcium). These white substances are normal when generating alkaline water. It does not imply there is anything wrong with the water. The water is OK to drink.

Note: If this condition persists, please use food grade citric acid to clean the plates or white vinegar. Allow the machine to soak for a few hours and flush thoroughly. Please see maintenance procedures.

Note:  If the machine will not be used for a long period of time, please unplug the power cord, remove the filter and remove the shunt Watergate and water purifier. Drain thoroughly and place the filter cartridge in a sealed plastic bag and store in the refrigerator.

Issue 8: Household Water Ionizer output amount reduces gradually.

Possible causes and solutions:

Inlet Water Pressure- make sure input water pressure is sufficient –above 40 psi.

Filter blockage – please make sure filter life is OK and replace filters as needed.

Excessive build up of calcium deposits in the outlet tube - please clean the outlet tube as needed. Soak in vinegar as needed.

Excessive build up of calcium deposits on the electrolysis plates – please contact customer service for support.

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