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Drinking alkaline ionized water to build the immune system and help fight COVID-19

Drinking alkaline ionized water to build the immune system and help fight COVID-19

  • 2020/12/30
How alkaline ionized water strengthens the immune system

The human body's immune system can resist viruses, bacteria, including cancer cells, etc., thereby protecting the body from diseases and keeping the body healthy.

There are many factors that can affect the strength of your immune system, such as age and diet.

During the global outbreak of COVID-19, maintaining a strong and healthy body and improving one's own immunity are aspects that need to be worked hard and valued globally.

As far as COVID-19 is concerned, there is currently no specific and effective treatment for COVID-19, so your immune system must be strong.

Why does alkaline ionized water help the body to strengthen the immune system?

Alkaline ionized water:
Alkaline ionized water comes from an alkaline water ionizer. The alkaline ionized water produced by this alkaline water ionizer can retain moisture, which itself is very helpful to your immune system, which is important for the normal functioning of body cells. If keeping hydrated is the basic therapy of the immune system, then drinking alkaline ionized water will be an advanced therapy for building a good immune system, because its antioxidant properties can fight free radicals.

Alkaline ionized water has a bonus point as an antioxidant, which can release the pressure of human cells including immune cells and help them work normally.

Alkaline ionized water increases the production of lymph fluid and immune cells (lymphocytes). Lymph flows throughout the body, collecting viruses, bacteria and waste products. It brings all the collected viruses, bacteria and wastes to the lymph nodes as filters, and lymphocytes destroy them.

Supplementing and drinking alkaline ionized water will not directly prevent infection or COVID-19. Supplementing and drinking alkaline ionized water helps build a strong immune system and ultimately fight infection. Therefore, it is recommended to take in enough vitamins through diet or supplements and drink alkaline ionized water.

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