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What is the most important thing to buy a water ionizer generator?

What is the most important thing to buy a water ionizer generator?

  • 2021/01/04
If you want to buy a water ionizer generator before you need to know what is most important. The sink of the water ionizer generator is the most important aspect.

Water ion panels and water batteries
In a water battery, you have a board to do ion ionation. These cards vary by brand.

Some of these plates may be good plates, but over time they may corrode or scale or both. Therefore, you should know in advance what you should pay attention to and how to avoid it.

Ionized water machine solid plate: Solid plate is tricky when it comes to getting good ionolysing. Many companies have to use larger boards and more, just to get the same ionoly ion as a more efficient design board. Too much electricity is risky. If companies end up using too much electricity, or even getting any ionize, they could jeopardize the safety and longevity of boards and hydroelectric ionizers. The best solid plates are those that have pulsation power to go to them. The steady flow (steady flow) of the entire electrode plate uses electricity more efficiently, which stimulates greater ionization.

Mesh plate or mesh/solid mixing plate: mesh plate or mixing plate, made of very strong titanium mesh, coated well with platinum. They are strong enough to last a lifetime and are electronically better than solid plates. However, in the wrong hydropower off-grid disk can be catastrophic. The problem is that if the hydroelectric ionizer is not continuously cleaned and most hydropower ionizers are not, the mesh will only be a built-in scale trap worse than the solid plate.

Plate coating process: The plate coating process of electrodes is also very important. Simply dipping the plate in platinum is much easier and cheaper than scientifically plating it with platinum. Even if you dip and bake them ten times, you will never get a better product than if you scientifically plating them. Scientifically finished electroplating, the sheet surface is prepared using proprietary methods to ensure that platinum is fully glued to the sheet and does not erode away. In more advanced water battery designs, the sheet coating process is repeated several times, using the same proprietary method each time to ensure that platinum is permanently bonded to the sheet 100%.

Interplate membrane: In a water battery, the ideal space between plates is a little space, the water supply enters, and there will be a membrane (separating each plate from the next plate). The design of water batteries varies greatly in this respect. There, you see a hydroelectric diaphragm that doesn't get high antioxidant levels (you think it should), and it's probably because of a poor interplate membrane design.

Water battery and its self-cleaning system
There are two main types of self-cleaning systems for water batteries: pick-up and continuous cleaning. The company will call them with many different names, but here are two basic types. Below is a chart showing which hydroelectric discretes use the pick-up system and which use continuous cleaning.

Continuous cleaning is the only type of water battery cleaning that will give you a worry-free, continuous use of your hydroelectric clutch for life. Buying a hydroelectric clutch with an acid-washed battery cleaning system means you need regular daily, weekly, monthly maintenance to keep it working. Even so, they can't keep the electrodes as clean as they do with continuous cleaning of the ionizer.

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