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What is Water Ionizers' product warranty?

What is Water Ionizers' product warranty?

  • 2019/02/19
The warranty that is in effect at the time the machine is purchased is the one that is honored.

The warranty does not cover repairs caused by customer neglect or by failure to stop the build-up of calcium in hard water areas. Neglect includes using the unit in a matter inconsistent with the directions in the owner's manual, as well as breakage resulting from dropping the unit or other carelessness.

9-IN-1 is a uniquely designed healthcare product that combines the health benefits of Conventional, Alternative, and Integrated Medicine for the objective of aiding its user in his/her journey to physical well-being. This can be done through its 9 different functions: (1) Blood Pressure Monitor, (2) Blood Glucose Monitor, (3) Blood Uric Acid Monitor, (4)Blood Cholesterol Monitor, (5) Detecting Probe, (6) T.E.N.S. therapy, (7) Foot Reflexology, (8)Ionizing Foot Spa, and(9) Oximeter.

The 9-IN-1 is designed for external use only and is suitable for self-testing.

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