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The benefits of buying a water ionizer?

The benefits of buying a water ionizer?

  • 2020/09/07
Adjacent to air, there is nothing more important to your health than water! The most basic nutrient in life is water. For some reasons, people never know or never see its importance to life and health. The type and quality of the water you drink varies greatly. The best way to get the best drinking water is to ionize the water with an electric water ionizer. In addition to providing excellent filtration for your water, the water ionizer has two very important advantages over any other water.

1. A water ionizer can help fight free radicals.
When you drink hydrogen water or ionized water, it will provide cells with powerful antioxidants! These antioxidants are called molecular hydrogens because they are two hydrogens combined to form one molecule.

Hydrogen is one of the main advantages of ionized water! The water produced by the water ionizer has a large amount of free hydrogen (molecular hydrogen). Facts have proved that drinking hydrogen-rich water is a good way to keep cells healthy and keep them healthy.

Molecular hydrogen is an amazing new discovery. In addition, it is always safe for anyone at all times. This free hydrogen is safer than any other antioxidant. Other antioxidants are safe only if they retain excess electrons. Molecular hydrogen is safe even if electrons are donated. This is because it is a tiny, gaseous, harmless particle that simply evaporates after donating electrons. Your body never needs to find a way to get rid of it like other antioxidants. Therefore, molecular hydrogen can resist free radicals better than any antioxidant.

What is the difference between hydrogen water and hydrogen in water?
In order to fight free radicals, hydrogen must be free.
Ordinary water certainly has hydrogen, but its "zero" free hydrogen.
The only way to obtain free hydrogen is to use a ionized water machine or some other form of hydrogen generator.

2. Water ionizer helps PH balance

Everyone knows that the pH levels of swimming pools and fish tanks must be balanced, but the importance of maintaining pH balance in the body has never been taught in school. Our blood, cells, tissues, and organs all need a slightly alkaline pH, but most of us eat too much acidic foods and beverages, thus failing to achieve a good pH balance.

Obviously, people will not die from the wrong pH water like fish, at least not immediately. However, the way we see cells respond to wrong water is through disease, allergies, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, organ failure, etc.

Alkaline water ionizers can provide you with an uninterrupted pH buffer solution throughout the day to help solve all these problems. Using healthy water to balance the pH of the human body can certainly help promote and prevent various diseases.

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