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Advanced technology water ionizers

Advanced technology water ionizers

  • 2020/09/07
o put it simply, the purpose of the water ionizer is simple. The water flows into a cell where it receives the negative and positive charges that separate the alkaline water from the acidic water. Alkaline water can then be distributed for drinking.

Alkaline ionized water has 3 important characteristics:

High pH
Compared with ordinary tap water or bottled water, ionized water is more alkaline, while the concentration of alkaline minerals (such as potassium, calcium and magnesium) is much higher.

ORP value
  The negative ORP of alkaline ionized water is between -50 and -250mV, giving it antioxidant capacity. Many experts believe that it has better antioxidant capacity than vitamin C.

Micro cluster
Alkaline ionized water is microclustered. Water exists in the form of water molecules in which weak molecules are held together. Ionization causes these clusters to be reduced to smaller clusters, which are absorbed into the body more efficiently, thereby providing better hydration.

Due to its antioxidant properties, alkaline ionized water can help treat any diseases caused by free radical damage and high body acidity.

EHM water ionizer is one of the most advanced products on the market. Compared with almost all the closest competitors, we have introduced more industry-leading features. Contact us to learn more.

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