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Precautions for using multifunctional water ionizer

Precautions for using multifunctional water ionizer

  • 2020/10/14

Input Water Quality Requirements
  • The input water quality should meet the local drinking water quality standard. If the water quality is not good, it may not only shorten the water ionizer’s lifespan, but even may be harmful to your health.
  • The input water flow rate should be over 1.0L/min, then it will drive the water flow sensor to start the water ionizer. If your water flow is less than 1.0L/min, the water ionizer can be turned on to work. Then you may need a pump to help.
  • Usually it is not suggested to use the Reverse Osmosis (RO) system as the pre-filters. Because the RO membrane can remove all the ions and reduce the water conductivity, While the water ionizer needs the water conductivity to complete the electrolysis process. If you do need to use the RO system, then you must install a mineralizing water filter after it, to increase the water conductivity.

Do Not Damage The Power Cable And Plug
  • Do not force to bend, twist or squeeze the power cable and plug
  • Do not drag the power cable
  • Do not put heavy weight on it
  • To avoid electric shock or catching a fire, stop using the machine once a damage is found on the power cable or plug. Please contact professionals to repair the damaged power cable and plug.
  • Always insert the plug to the end. Stop using a damaged or loosened power plug. If not, it may cause the electric shock or catch a fire.
  • Clean the dusts on the power plug pins regularly. Because if the dusts meet the water mist, there is a risk of electric shock or catching a fire. Do not use volatile solvents to clean the machine. Clean it with cotton cloth and detergent.

Do Not Install The Water Ionizer In The Places Below
  • Near the Fire or high temperature(Over 60℃) place
  • Outdoors or exposing to the sun or rain
  • In steam or Moisture place

Do Not disassemble, repair or modify the machine on your own. Please contact the distributor/seller or professionals for any question.

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