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Panel Operation And Features Of EHM-729 Household Alkaline Water Machine

Panel Operation And Features Of EHM-729 Household Alkaline Water Machine

  • 2020/11/11

* Alkaline water button

There are four sections of the alkaline water Ionizer. You may choose the most suitable alkaline water, according to your needs, like cooking food, making tea, or daily drinking.

* Purified Water Button

The machine will out put the neutral pH purified water for taking medicine, brewing milk etc.

* Acidic water button

There are two sections of the acidic water. You may choose the acidic water for washing, cleansing or sterilizing.

* Function button

When the water capacity reaches the set value, the cleaning light will be on. Press the cleaning button to start the internal cleansing during the machine is working.

When the filter life is exhausted, after replacement the filter, long press the function button, the filter life will restored to the set value.

General Use pH instruction Tables For Water Ionizer


Uses Of Different pH Water

Same pH Foods Reference

Alkaline Water

Food Disinfection &Dishes Cleaning

pH 9.010.5 Alkaline Water Level 4 (strong alkaline)
• Soaking vegetables, beef, pork and fresh fish to remove fishy taste and keep the food's nature flavors.
• Good for making soups and helpful for maintaining their nutrients and colors.
• Effective reduce pesticides on fruits and vegetables.
• Good for cleaning tough stain on dishes.


Daily drinking

pH 8.510 Alkaline Water Level 3
•Suitable for daily drinking and improving your overall health.
•Improve conditions for upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea and gout.

Soy beans

Cooking &drinking

pH 8.09.0 Alkaline Water Level 2
•Good for cooking rice and noodles, preserves its nature flavor longer.
•After initial period use, this level is suitable for daily drinking.
•Good for making tea or coffee, reduce bitterness and give better taste.

Red beans

Initial drinking

pH 7.58.5 Alkaline Water Level 1
•For people just beginning to drink alkaline water.
•Balancing internal pH, improve the assimilation of Calcium and other minerals.


Purified Water

Purified water

pH 7.0 Purified Water
•No color, no taste, no impurity
•Suitable for taking medicine, making milk and for baby's diet.


Acidic Water

Facial &skin cleaning

pH 5.06.5 Acidic Water Level 1
•Not suitable for drinking
•Close to the skin pH value, it has and astringent effect when face cleaning.
•Ideal for bathing sensitive skin and infants, sunburn relief
•Minimize the appearance of pores, and good for brushing teeth.
•Restores shine to hair and as a nature after shave.


Sterilization &disinfection

pH 3.55.5 Acidic Water Level 2
•Not suitable for drinking
•Anti-bacterial for tableware and floor cleaning.
•Eliminates the residual agricultural chemicals on fruits and vegetables when soaking them in acidic water.

Egg yolk

LCD Display Introduction

l Alkaline water display: Alkaline 4 ( purple ) , Alkaline 3 ( dark blue ) , Alkaline 2 ( light blue ) , Alkaline 1 ( white )

l Pure water display: Green

l Acidic water display: Acidity 2 ( red ) , Acidity 1 ( yellow )

l Flow rate: Displays the current rate of water flow through the machine

l Temperature: Displays the current temperature of the water

l PH: Showing output water pH value

l ORP: Showing the output water potential difference

l Cleaning: the machine is cleaning

l Electrolysis: the machine is electrolyzing

l Impeller: the machine is working with the water passing through.

With Korean high-tech baked platinum and titanium 5 plates electrolysis chamber. our ionizer has a life span which can be used for 8 years. Touch screen and self-cleaning function help you run this machine very easily. It is the ionizer of the year that can meet all your needs of drinking alkaline water and using acid water. Welcome you at any time to contact us for Alkaline Ionized Water Machine, we will strive to serve you!

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