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Basic Principle Of The Water Ionizer

Basic Principle Of The Water Ionizer

  • 2020/11/11

The basic principle of the water ionizer is electrolysis of water to change the PH and Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) to separate the hydrogen and the hydroxide ion.

In general, the water cannot decompose into O2 and H2 in the state of nature, but according to Faraday law of electrolysis, if add cathode and anode into water. When the current is switched on, the water will be electrolyzed.

The Anode materials are usually platinum or platinum. They are not easy to dissolve. The oxidation-reduction reaction of cathode and anode is as follows:

2H2O+2e-= 2OH- + H2    Alkaline electrolytic water with reductive


H2O= 2H+ + 1/2O2 + 2e-    Acidic electrolytic water with oxidative


Antioxidant water ionizer

After the hydrogen and oxygen are produced on the surface of the cathode and anode, the water around the electrodes become alkaline and acidic. At the same time, the ORP are changed. The porous semipermeable membrane or the semipermeable membrane that Cation-anion can selective to go through will be insert into the two poles to limit the water. The acidic water with high concentration and oxidative will be collect from positive pole, the alkaline water with high concentration and reductive will be collect from negative pole. This is the operation principle of water ionizer. We strive to provide customers with the right and accurate household alkaline water machine.

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