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The difference between ionized water machine and water purifier

The difference between ionized water machine and water purifier

  • 2021/01/29
Different functions

1. Water purifier function: water treatment equipment for deep filtration and purification of water according to the requirements of water use.

2. Ionized water machine function: According to the principle of "electrochemistry" and "electrolysis", titanium platinum (platinum) material or other alloy materials are used as the electrode plate of the electrolytic cell, which has the function of dialysis and separation of ceramic ion separation membrane.

Different advantages

1. Advantages of the water purifier: The water purifier can effectively remove rust, sand, colloids in the water, and absorb residual chlorine, odor, discoloration, pesticides and other chemicals in the water. Can effectively remove bacteria, pathogens, toxins, heavy metals and other impurities in the water. The application of water purification technology in the field of drinking water will soon make the phenomenon of "incompatibility between soil and water" a history, and effectively solve many local diseases caused by excessive amounts of harmful substances in groundwater.

2. Advantages of ionized water machine: It has certain effects in agricultural pest control, environmental disinfection of food utensils, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and sterilization of skin wounds, so it has received attention and development.

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