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Alkaline ionized water and immune system for your overall health

Alkaline ionized water and immune system for your overall health

  • 2020/12/15
Alkaline ionized water and human immune system health
The benefits of alkaline ionized water to the immune system are profound! I have personally experienced no illness for about 10 years (as long as I have been drinking ionized water). Studies in Korea and Japan have shown that drinking alkaline ionized water is beneficial to the immune system.

Alkaline ionized water and immune system
The Japanese are very scientific and efficient in conducting research on water ionizers. There are studies on how ionized water can significantly help the immune system and overall health of 20,000 chickens. Both humans and animals can drink ionized water from portable water ionizer filtration equipment (in animal experiments) and electric equipment. In the case of conducting medical research with people. You can clearly see that all studies on ionized water show that drinking ionized water has many benefits.

The portable water ionizer is ionized by adding magnesium in the presence of magnetized ceramics. The mineral magnesium is ionized in this way and becomes more bioavailable. In my opinion, in the electric water ionizer, all healthy minerals (such as calcium, magnesium and potassium) will be ionized, which makes the electric water ionizer better than the portable ionizer.

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