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What is alkaline ionized water?

What is alkaline ionized water?

  • 2020/11/26
Today's modern life has a well-developed scientific and technological foundation, which has improved people's lives and developed economic life. What motivates people to choose the most suitable body, choose green food and healthy and beautiful safe natural drinking water. Let us find out the natural drinking water that helps the human body to keep healthy and young, and has been used by users as alkaline ionized water for many years.

Alkaline water ionizer is a kind of water produced through electrolytic reduction process, also known as electrolyte water. Alkaline ionized water does not use any chemicals to generate high pH (high alkalinity).

Alkaline ionized water is a kind of water produced through the electrolytic reduction process of an ion generator, and together with natural mineral rocks to produce alkaline ionized water. Alkaline water must be water that can produce high pH without using any chemicals.

Alkaline ionized water filters can produce many different types of water, and each type of water has many rich and comprehensive applications in the daily life of the family.

Typical water types are:
-The pH values of alkaline ionized water are 8.5, 9.0 and 9.5 respectively
-The PH value of strong alkaline ionized water is 11.5
-Clean water-Neutral pH of clean water PH = 7.0
-Beauty water-beauty water slightly acidic

Each application of water
1. The pH of alkaline ionized water = 8.5-9.5
In the morning, drinking 2-3 cups of alkaline ionized water will cleanse the intestines and stomach acid. Compared with alkaline ionized tap water without unpleasant smell, it has a mild taste and pleasant sweetness after drinking.

Alkaline ionized water is a good water for cooking and flavoring food.

When a large amount of alkaline ionized water is used, it has the effect of supplying water to the cells very quickly and effectively, while purifying the body and eliminating waste at the cell level. Due to the small size of water, it can penetrate quickly, so it will not burden the liver and kidneys.

2. Strong alkaline ionized water PH = 11.5
Since strong alkaline ionized water does not contain chemical substances, it is colorless, odorless and volatile substances that should have a cleaning effect, very clean and non-toxic to the environment.

3. Purified water PH = 7.0
The clean water is neutral water with PH = 7.0. This water has passed through the filter system of the machine, but has not undergone the electrolysis process, so its quality is the same as ordinary purified water.

Alkaline water machine provides clean water, removes chlorine, other impurities in the water, such as rust, and chemicals. You will have a clean water source while keeping the natural minerals in the water intact, which is different from other water filters when they learn all the minerals needed by the human body.

The clean water is neutral water, without high alkalinity, and the molecular structure is not small, so it will not change the characteristics of the drug and the proper permeability. Therefore, it is consistent with the treatment time of the drug.

 4. The pH of the water for beauty skin is 4.5-5
The water is not drinkable. Because of its astringency, it is only used for skin care. Because of its moderate acidity, it is suitable for the skin and hair environment, so it is very good for skin and hair and can be used for beauty...

For bathing and washing your face: The pore-astringent properties of mild acidic water can make your skin firm and rejuvenated.

Hope this article can help people understand alkaline water. Do you want to use EHM water purifier immediately? Please contact us directly to understand the core values of our water ionizers, which have gained our experience and trust!

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